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TAPAS is a new publication platform for serious discussion of challenging transport issues with expert contributors known for their incisive and original thinking.

The publication platform is developed and administered by Minadmin Ltd for TAPAS and subscription dues are collected by Minadmin Ltd using Stripe Payment Processing System.

Peter Stonham and Arman Farahmand-Razavi are joint editors of Tapas.

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  • An independent free-standing specialist environment in which serious thinkers on challenging transport issues can express their opinion and ideas and receive feedback.

  • Content is curated by the site editors, whose role is to identify suitable material from appropriate sources, and where necessary invite contributions on themes that have yet to be addressed and are potentially significant.

  • The TAPAS content providers (contributors) will be identified and promoted as exemplars for the proposition and encouraged to be familiar and regular voices on the site.

  • A key editorial function will be to ensure that contributions are well presented and fluent but all interventions in this regard will be done with the approval of the writers.

  • Any prospective contributions that are declined will be on the grounds of repetition, excessive technical or specialist detail, lack of relevance to the TAPAS broad mission or the quality of expression and readability.

  • Once published, follow up discussions on contributions will be encouraged but subject to guidelines and structure. They should be more than simple likes and dislikes or specific points outside of the original proposition.

  • All prospective follow up contributions will be seen by the authors whose articles are being commented upon before publication, though they will be expected to accept any such comment that is within the general TAPAS parameter.

  • Original material will be the priority for the published content, though previously material may be accepted if presented within the TAPAS guidelines and mission.

  • The text of items published on TAPAS will remain the copyright and intellectual property of the author, but the presentational style may not be replicated as published elsewhere nor may TAPAS content be disseminated without credit and acknowledgement (i.e. by providing links from other sites)

  • All contributors and those responding with comments are required to identify themselves clearly by their normal professional name and credentials. Anonymous and pseudonym content will not be accepted.

  • Full biographies of all those authoring content on TAPAS will be shown on the platform

We will only allow discussion contributions from those admitted as members of the Tapas Network and to be members individuals will have to fully identify themselves and subscribe to our Terms and Conditions of Use, which include a set of principles for content. The TAPAS Administrators and the individual authors will be able to take down any unsuitable material and to exclude those transgressing from any further involvement.

The TAPAS founders have a long history in the specialist professional transport information sector and have built relationships with a range of expert authors. For example, Peter Stonham was the founder of and has been editing LTT magazine over a long period. A number of the initial articles on TAPAS were previously published in LTT. However, TAPAS is an independent and distinctive new platform for material addressing current challenges in transport planning and policy with a unique facility for follow up discussion and welcomes all contributions of appropriate topic and quality.

TAPAS is a long-form reading digital platform representing a new incarnation of the established tradition of serious curated and authoritative ‘published papers’ to suit modern information exchange amongst an expert community. Some articles on TAPAS will be newly written for the platform, and others extended versions of material published elsewhere or presented in reports or at seminars and conferences. With the good connections of the TAPAS team in the world of transport publishing, there will be the opportunity for the promotion of content on TAPAS through other channels to alert people to the longer form of the contributions.

As a specialist online platform for opinion, ideas and commentary on important transport issues, our mission is to be regarded as an authority site for all those concerned with addressing problems and finding solutions at both in the UK and beyond. We hope that TAPAS will be found by those searching for the most valuable and significant transport thinking.

For an introductory period, users registered for TAPAS Select will receive the benefits of TAPAS Membership without charge. It is envisaged that a TAPAS Membership framework may be introduced in due course as a paid for service with enhanced capability and benefits. There will be full notification if any charge is proposed and TAPAS is committed to always having an entry level free to view facility.

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Yes. If you would like to make a contribution in TAPAS, we would be very please to hear from you. Pleadse complete the submission form from this link.

TAPAS is dedicated to being a content-led carefully curated independent platform. Our ambition is to sustain the project as a self funding not-for-profit enterprise. We are not envisaging including sponsored content or traditional advertisements, but will consider accepting announcements of publications or events or other professional activities that complement our core mission.

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