Net Zero

The journey to Net Zero: examining the assumptions and expected outcomes from policy aspirations and interventions

The last few months have seen hightened discussion of the contribution of transport to addressing global warming and climate change, and which measures will be the most effective to achieve genuine reductions in carbon emissions and progress towards Net Zero. TAPAS presents here a series of articles exploring the recent political commitments and projections in this field, and their strengths and weaknesses, with potential wider application in transport policy and planning.

Examining Evidence - Net Zero Measures


Reverse gear: The reality and implications of national transport emission reduction policies

Following his successful Freedom of Information application to obtain details of the Department for Transport’s assumptions about achieving Net Zero for UK Transport, Professor Greg Marsden has led a detailed analysis of that data, and other recent government policy documents. The results have just been published, revealing what the report sees as significant back-tracking on the original commitments. We invited Professor Marsden to summarise those conclusions, and add some further observations about what it all means for local transport

Round Table Discussion: Achieving a genuinely sustainable transport future for the UK

WE ARE VERY PLEASED to record our holding of the first successful TAPAS Round Table event in association with the ‘Transport Thinking Forum’ , which addressed the theme of achieving a sustainable future for UK transport.

The route to Net Zero: DfT assumptions look well off course

Last month a Freedom of Information release was finally made by the Department for Transport with details of the calculations underpinning the Government’s transport decarbonisation plan. It followed Professor Greg Marsden having fought long and hard to get the information. From an initial look at the material, we asked him : what does it tell us?

No Safe Space for Decarbonisation: why we all need to know the tough changes transport must make

A significant decision just made by the Information Commissioner requires the Department for Transport to publish the assumptions behind the trajectories towards Net Zero that appeared in its Transport Decarbonisation Plan. The Freedom of Information request that led to the decision was made by Professor Greg Marsden. TAPAS invited him to explain his concerns, and the importance of the data now going to be released.

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