Terms and conditions of use

TAPAS is a new publication platform for serious discussion of challenging transport issues with expert contributors known for their incisive and original thinking.

The publication platform is developed and administered by Minadmin Ltd for TAPAS. Any payments will be collected by Minadmin Ltd using Stripe Payment Processing System. Neither TAPAS nor Minadmin Ltd have access to user payment details on Stripe.

Registered users and those whose material appears must be “real people” whose identity is disclosed and contact information authenticated.

User passwords are encrypted and no one has access to passwords on our system. If a user forgets their password, a temporary password is generated for them and sent to their email address. They should immediately change this temporary password using the Account Settings on our website.

TAPAS will not allow any personal abuse or offensive comment to be made by contributors about other individuals or organisations beyond observations about the arguments they have put forward and the technical and practical substance of them.

Editorial Principles

The TAPAS Platform is intended to host thoughtful and serious contributions on topics within the field of transport, accessibility, and mobility policy and practice.

Submitted articles will be evaluated for their relevance, originality, coherence and significance both in general terms and with respect to the subject addressed.

Authors may be invited to amend or enhance material proposed for publication to ensure its alignment with the above criteria.

Outline propositions for articles as well as full texts are welcomed.

Material submitted will be assessed by the editors and where appropriate may be passed on a confidential basis to persons with relevant expertise to determine its suitability.

TAPAS is not a “refereed” publication as such and it is not intended to limit contributions to traditional academic journal criteria.

Footnotes and references are accepted where relevant and helpful although extensive bibliographies and accreditations are not required. As a digital platform, links to suitable source material or in-depth publications or reports or websites are encouraged to help readers reach further relevant information.

Responses to TAPAS published articles may be in the form of considered comment / rejoinders / or further analysis or newly submitted material that develops the same subject area.

Intellectual property of the Authors, Commentators and TAPAS

Articles published on TAPAS and comments published in the discussion forum are the intellectual property of their authors who are deemed to have assigned permission to TAPAS for their publication by the act of submission.

The publisher and editors of the TAPAS platform reserve the right to decline or ammend or delete any comment in the discussion of articles that in their opinion is inappropriate, offensive or illegal.

TAPAS holds the right to the form of presentation used including the labelling and design of both articles and their respective discussion.

Once published on TAPAS, articles may not be captured or copied for use elsewhere in the form shown and any consequent publication of the material provided should be in its original created form, not the TAPAS published version.

Links to TAPAS articles may be provided from other digital posts or as references as long as TAPAS origination is acknowledged and it is made clear that users are being redirected to https://tapas.network.

Any transgression of these terms and conditions is likely to result in the suspension of those concerned from TAPAS participation.

User Types

TAPAS is accessible at three levels, TAPAS Taster, TAPAS Select and TAPAS Membership.

TAPAS Taster requires no registration or payments. Users will be able to browse the platform to discover the range of articles from leading contributors, some selected articles will be free to view in their entirity. TAPAS Taster users will not be able to take part in the discussions forum and will not see comments by others on the articles.

TAPAS Select users have access to view all articles and discussions on the TAPAS platform. To join as a TAPAS Select user, you need to register your name and email address. Once registered, you are allocated with 8 credit units immediately that can be used to view and read 8 articles available only to members and regisered users, followed by an additional 4 credit units every month thereafter. The monthly credits are not carried over. TAPAS Select users will not be able to leave a comments in the discussion forum, but subject to these limits they will have access to all articles and discussions on TAPAS. TAPAS Select users can become TAPAS Members on payment of a subscription fee, but at the end of the subscription period, if subscription is not renewed, they become TAPAS Lapsed Members with the same previlages as TAPAS Select users and will continue to receive 4 viewing credit units every month. 

For an introductory period, users registered for TAPAS Select will receive the benefits of TAPAS Membership without charge. It is envisaged that a TAPAS Membership framework may be introduced in due course as a paid for service with enhanced capability and benefits. There will be full notification if any charge is proposed and TAPAS is committed to always having an entry level free to view facility.

TAPAS Membership is a paid for service.  TAPAS Members have complete and unrestricted access to all the articles and will be able to contribute to the discussion about them. Additional benefits of membership is participation in the TAPAS events including face to face and online discussions and round tables about the articles and themes covered on the site.

If at the end of the subscription period, a TAPAS Member does not renew their subscription, they become a TAPAS Lapsed Members with the same previlages as TAPAS Select users, continuing to receive 4 viewing credit units every month. The monthly credits are not carried over.

Deleted accounts

Users can delete their accounts at any time. All existing comments made by deleted accounts in the discussion forum will be anonymised but they will remain as part of the discussion history.

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